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剧情介绍:  Set in an unspecified French village, the locals are shocked when a group of girls skinny dipping in the nearby lake (all very tastefully done I hasten to add) are killed by a group of zombiefied Nazi soldiers, that spring up out of the waters and drag them down to their demise.  A couple of detectives are brought in to try and solve the mysterious murders, only to end up as the zombies next victims. It turns out that during the war, the French resistance ambushed and killed a squad of German soldiers and dumped the bodies into the nearby lake, but failed to take notice of any of the local superstitions (never a wise move). Although, seeing as this film appears to be set in the early 80's, why it's taken so long for them to emerge and start killing people is a bit of a mystery, but there you go.  Not-with-standing, the villagers quickly organise a lynch mob to take down the zombie menace, only to end up being decimated by the undead soldiers, who's 'convincing' zombie make-up basically consists of green paint, which doesn't even cover the whole of the actors faces and keeps washing off in the lake.  There's also a bizarre sub plot about one of the zombies visiting his former daughter, who strangely still looks all of 12 despite the fact she should be in her 40's if she was born near the end of the war, but then since when did logic ever come into these films? Such as why do their uniforms still look almost new despite being underwater for 40 years, or how come the skinny dipping girls are only knee deep in the water when viewed from the lakeside, yet appear to be swimming in 12 feet of it from the underwater shots?  Bad acting, naff zombie make-up (the aforementioned green face paint), painfully obvious underwater shots filmed in a swimming pool, not to mention the plot inconsistencies bigger than the aforementioned lake itself. Low budget doesn't even begin to describe this film, which quite unbelievably was directed by respected Eurohorror director Jean Rollin, albeit under the pseudo name J A Laser.  That's not to say the film isn't without merit. I bust a gut laughing at the thoroughly ridiculous scenes of the zombies attacking the naked young girls, and the equally ridiculous slapstick battle with the angry villagers. Utterly hilarious, grab the six pack and the popcorn and have a blast!  http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/realmofhorror/zombielake.htm
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解答时间: 2024-05-31

剧情介绍:  第41集《寅次郎心灵的旅程》(Tora San goes to Vienna)  导演:山田洋次  原著:山田洋次  剧本:山田洋次、朝间义隆  主演:渥美清、倍赏千惠子、竹下景子、下条正巳  制作:松竹影业  出版日期:1989年8月5日  片长:109分钟  票房:185万人  剧情  这一次阿寅的足迹跨出了国门,来到了素有“艺术之都”的维也纳,在浪漫的国度里留下一段浪漫的情话。  奇缘始于被从列车下救出来的公司职员阪口,他因为工作压力大,又得了病,一时心窄而卧轨。被救下之后,他决定追随阿寅去旅行,并为阿寅买了去维也纳的机票。阿寅对维也纳兴趣索然,什么皇家美术馆、莫扎特对他全是对牛弹琴。阪口只好只身前往。在等候中阿寅上了导游小姐江上久美子的旅行车,她找来一位旅居的老妇人,让她帮助阿寅回到住的旅馆。他们就此相识。久美子初到这里,是老妇人帮助了她。现在,在她那里阿寅也有了家的感觉。想回家乡的久美子又顾虑回去后找不到工作,在阿寅的鼓励下,久美子决定和他们一同回国。但是面对恋人的苦苦挽留,她最终决定在异国他乡和相爱的人厮守一生。  浪迹天涯的阿寅在国外体会到了家乡的魅力,他不想再各地跑个不停,因为他永远也忘不了家乡。但是,回到日本,他却又提起行李出发了。
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提问时间: 2024-04-21
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剧情介绍:  The geologist Lance Hackett is employed by an Australian mining company to map the subsoil of a desert area covered with ant hills prior to a possible uranium extraction. His work is impeded by some aborigines who explain that this is the place where the green ants dream. Disturbing their dreaming will destroy humanity they claim...  电影讲述某矿业公司在澳大利亚内陆沙地采矿,在一次堪探过程中被当地土著用静坐方式阻止。土著说,脚下是绿蚂蚁做梦的地方,如果吵醒了它们,它们就会出来毁灭人类。采矿公司当然如听天书,然而土著视死如归的信仰力量不可小视,于是公司高层邀请土著代表进城谈判,许诺给土著利益,结果土著代表喜欢上了一架绿色的小型运输机。于是公司买下飞机,并替土著修建了一条飞机跑道。飞机飞来了,为防止被土著点火引燃,汽油被抽走,只留了一点。飞机只是公司示好的礼物,官司还是诉至联邦法院。在法庭上虽然法官能够尊重土著的文化,听取他们讲述的传说,然而裁判依据是英联邦法律,土著被判败诉。沉默的土著坐在跑道边,其中两个土著人坐上飞机,竟然起动飞机,飞翔而后消失在地平线。警察来寻找,难以找到,有两个异邦土著来访,以歌为话,说一只绿蚂蚁飞到他们那里,结果翅膀断了。公司地质学家Lance Hackett在整个事件过程中心态发生变化,最后决定离开公司,在沙漠里成为一个环保主义者。电影至此结束。
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